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Commercial Doors

Architectural Glass

Construction Specialties

Serving Middle TN and Southern KY since 1999.

Quality Workmanship

At Commercial Installation, we pride ourselves on our workmanship. It is our priority to make sure our work speaks for itself.


One of our core values as a company is integrity that flows down from the owners, to the leadership, to every other staff person employed by Commercial Installation. We value honesty and transparent pricing with our clients.


We strive for professionalism in all that we do from the initial phone call to the quotation, to the execution of the project, to the closeout and billing.

Commercial Installation, LLC, is a leading provider for installation, sales, and service of commercial glass and glazing, architectural doors and hardware, and construction specialties for projects of all sizes in middle Tennessee and southern Kentucky.

There's no limit to who we serve.

Whether you're a small business in the middle Tennessee area who has had a break-in and needs same-day emergency repair, or a skyscraper in downtown Nashville, we've got you covered!

We love working with:

  • General contractors

  • Small business owners

  • Property managers

  • Government facilities managers

  • Office managers

We specialize in the most crucial and impressionable part of your building.

In a commercial building, doors and windows are your tenants', customers', or employees' most experiential part of the building. Keeping these physical and visual gateways not only beautiful and functional, but safe during emergencies and weather, is one of the most important investments you can make into your property.

  • Large, active construction projects

  • Skyscrapers and high rise buildings

  • Retail and restaurant buildings

  • Office and medical structures

  • Government projects like schools, courthouses, military installations, police offices, etc.

  • Churches

  • Industrial facilities

  • Multi-use buildings

  • Hi-rise residential buildings

Our suppliers provide our customers with the best products in the industry.

Commercial Installation, LLC